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Leading the power-generation sector for over 100 years in India

As an industry leader in power generation, we work collaboratively with our customers, helping them improve access to reliable and affordable power by harnessing local energy resources as well as implementing innovative power-generation technologies to reduce environmental impact. We’re focused on reducing emission of coal plants with our state-of-the-art technology and are poised with a number of AQCS projects and key-service projects in the country.

We strive to add value to the industry while being a responsible organization that gives back to society through various initiatives. It also rises above and beyond its corporate capabilities through community building with its continuous CSR activities such as rural development, healthcare and sanitation, facilities for senior citizens, and employment-enhancing vocation skills.

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Delivering for our customers in India

Can GE help make your steam power plant more efficient and profitable? Yes.

Can GE help to upgrade my equipment? Yes.

Can GE lower your plants emissions to meet the most stringent environmental requirements? Yes.

Can GE’s air quality control systems technology help in reducing power plant emissions in the country? Yes.

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