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In the rapidly changing world of the electric power industry, one thing has remained constant — the need to accurately model the economic operation of the power system in order to make informed decisions. Whether your interest is in assessing the value of a portfolio of generating units or in identifying the transmission bottlenecks that most seriously constrain the economic operation of the system, you must capture the complex interaction between generation and transmission systems. Consulting Services offers the Multi-Area Production Simulation Software program (MAPS), which provides the detailed modeling your business needs.

MAPS applications

Identify transmission path congestion and calculate the associated production costs on the economic dispatch of generation.
Evaluate system operations given various future resource plans.
Measure the impact on total system emissions that result from the addition of new generation or new regulatory policies.
Understand when resources will switch fuels based on availability and least cost.
Evaluate the effects of energy storage and additional transmission.
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Learn how the Python API and GUI for MAPS can simplify your team’s workflow.

Streamline your team’s project workflow with a modern user interface (GUI) and Python API that manages all input data, organizes multiple scenarios, executes multi-core jobs, and automates postprocessing and reportings.

  • Planning the energy transition
  • Planning software for the energy transition
  • The value of stochastics
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Planning the energy transition with Consulting Services software

The energy transition from fossil fuels to zero- or low-carbon electricity generation requires major technology advances, higher renewable penetration, and widespread deployment of storage. Cutting-edge software tools, such as those available from Consulting Services, are needed to plan the necessary changes to grid infrastructure and electricity segments while helping to ensure reliable and economic delivery.

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Planning software for the energy transition

Join our webinar and On-Demand session with software engineers and power systems experts from Consulting Services to learn more about MAPS, MARS and PSLF software tools which are being used throughout the world, and by various organizations throughout Asia to help plan for the future of energy.

On-Demand Webinar

Planning for uncertainty: The value of stochastics

With the present uncertainty in future policy goals, technology advancements, decarbonization, electrification, and various other factors, planning practices need to evolve. Techniques exist to account for these uncertainties and should be used to develop more robust and adaptable plans which are prepared to handle the unpredictability of the future grid.

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