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In the rapidly changing world of the electric power industry, one thing has remained constant — the need to accurately model the economic operation of the power system in order to make informed decisions. Whether your interest is in assessing the value of a portfolio of generating units or in identifying the transmission bottlenecks that most seriously constrain the economic operation of the system, you must capture the complex interaction between generation and transmission systems. GE Energy Consulting offers the GE Multi Area Production Simulation Software program (MAPS), which provides the detailed modeling your business needs.

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Benefits of GE MAPS

  • Calculation speed. Run a large case in hours instead of days. GE MAPS is ready-made for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters by supporting task parallelization.
  • Sub-hourly modeling for better estimation of intra-hour dispatch and reserve needs.
  • An all-new graphical user interface for editing and validating data and easy interaction with Excel to export and import data.
  • A Python API that lets users manage runs across multiple cores, inspect and change data automatically between runs for iterative simulations, and automate the creation of plots at the end of simulations. The API is a massive productivity enhancer and gives users improved control over runs and reporting.
  • Modeling of energy storage and renewables.
  • Pre-made databases available for EI/WI/ERCOT and several countries.

Applications of GE MAPS

  • Asset valuation
  • Identification of congested transmission paths
  • Evaluation of plan operation
  • Fuel budgeting
  • Policy analysis (e.g. decarbonization)
  • Resource changes (e.g. switching coal to gas or adding renewables)
  • Energy storage evaluation

GE MAPS engine for HPC

Large production simulations can take a significant amount of time to process on standard desktop hardware. To address this issue, GE MAPS can be run on HPC resources. Rather than running through the entire study on one machine, we automatically split the study up into blocks and send each block to a separate machine/node. This allows the work to be done in parallel, greatly reducing the amount of time required for a single study. Once processed, the data is then merged, allowing the user to view the results of the study as if it had been executed on a single machine.

GE MAPS User Interface (UI) and Application Programming Interface (API)

GE MAPS comes with a new User Interface (UI) and Application Programming Interface (API) that greatly improve the user experience. The UI provides several features including:

  • Easy-to-use, structured file handling for all your cases
  • Special-designed text editor with documentation to make input table handling easier
  • Create and save input and output tables using csv and xlsx formats
  • Intuitive calculation management
  • Professional-quality report creation

The API allows Python users even more power, including:

  • Automated postprocessing calculations and report generation
  • Prepare and run calculations on a local or remote computer
  • Create inputs from any data source that can be handled in Python
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