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Robust solutions for your power flow needs

PSLF offers steady state power system analysis for contingency power flow solutions, and can be paired with dynamic analysis for transient stability. Explore each program section to learn more about this software’s unique applications.

  • Steady state analysis
  • Power dynamics

Advanced power flow solutions and contingency power system analysis

The steady state analysis package for PSLF allows users to perform traditional thermal and voltage analysis, static voltage stability analysis, and transfer limit analysis. Thousands of contingencies can be simulated in each run. Steady state analysis tools (SSTOOLS) offers users tremendous flexibility in specifying contingencies and simulation options.

  • Create N–1, N–1–1, and N–2 contingencies within our automated contingency creator, SSTOOLS.
  • Easily generate control and case files.
  • Execute transmission planning, interconnection analysis, and contingency analysis.
  • Build custom contingencies for specialized use cases.

A faster, easier approach to dynamic analysis

The dynamic analysis package in PSLF software allows users to perform transient stability analysis for multiple events on cases containing up to 125,000 buses. Run this tool in batch mode and execute multiple dynamic simulations without user interaction. Model and simulate remedial action schemes (RAS) within dynamic simulations.

  • Perform transient stability analysis for multiple case events.
  • Evaluate new or modified remedial action schemes within dynamic simulations.
  • Access models for wind turbine-generators, solar photovoltaic production, and energy storage.
  • Create and use your own equipment models with EPCL.
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Streamlining your power system analysis with PSLF

Watch to learn more about the PSLF platform for power flow and dynamic simulations. Our experts will highlight our suite offerings, use cases, and demonstrate how to shave time and steps off your workflow.

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PSLF features an updated, advanced user interface that revolutionizes the user experience and increases productivity.

Add-on features

Add-on programs that complement current power flow software


Quickly and visually analyze post-contingency data produced by SSTOOLS.

Geomagnetic Disturbances (GMD)

Simulate GMD events in both snapshot and time-domain mode to satisfy TPL-007-3 standard requirements more easily. 


Specify data for simulating subsynchronous resonance (SSR) for thermal generation, and subsynchronous control interaction (SSCI) for wind turbines.


Import and perform dataset simulations in node-breaker formats taken from operational snapshots.

Optimal Power Flow (OPF)

Determine optimal actions of various control devices in the network to minimize an objective function, while simultaneously satisfying system constraints.

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