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GE Announces Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Order from UCED Group to Support Energy Transition in the Czech Republic

  • A GE LM6000* aeroderivative gas turbine is planned to be delivered in early 2024 to UCED Group’s Prostějov power plant in the Czech Republic
  • Once in operation, the unit will add approximately 50 megawatts of reliable reserve power to help stabilize the grid and support renewable growth in the country
  • Prostějov Project supports the Czech Republic government’s main target to diversify energy sources by increasing gas and renewables and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to 2005

Prague, The Czech Republic, April 11, 2023 - GE (NYSE: GE) today announced it has secured a contract from UCED Group (UCED), the energy division of Czech investment group CREDITAS Group focused primarily on long-term investments in conservative industries. GE will supply a LM6000 PC Sprint aeroderivative gas turbine to expand UCED Prostějov reserve power plant to help stabilize the grid and support renewables growth in the Czech Republic. GE’s equipment is planned to be delivered to the site early 2024 and, once in operation, the unit is going to add approximately 50 megawatts (MW) to the national power transmission system. This project supports the Czech government’s main target to diversify energy sources by increasing gas and renewables and to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by 30% by 2030, compared to 2005.

Although GHG in the Czech Republic have fallen since 1990, it remains the fourth largest emitter per capita in the EU, according to McKinsey sustainability report. With significant presence of energy-intensive industries in the Czech economy, the country's emissions intensity is significantly higher than the EU average, but it could reduce emissions by 2030 primarily by curtailing its dependence on coal.

The expansion of Prostějov power plant with a GE’s LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine supports the Czech government’s main target to diversify energy sources and is another step in our path forward on our strategy to become a leader in the energy sector,” said Richard Holešinský, Investment Director at UCED.  “We are committed to becoming a leader in the new reserve power segment: we selected GE’s aero technology for its fast installation, small footprint, and its operating flexibility.”

Quick start up time –as little as less than five minutes - is crucial to ensure the stability and reliability of the grid challenged by variable energy sources, such as renewables and will allow UCED to differentiate their dispatch capability. In addition, the gas turbine currently has greater than 40% hydrogen capability with GE’s target to reach 100 % in the near future leading to the possibility of a lower-emitting footprint for the plant.

“As the country’s only domestically produced fossil fuel, coal has been and still is a key energy source in the Czech Republic and I am passionate about collaborating with our customers, like UCED, to support the energy transition in the country,” said Joseph Anis, President & CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa, GE Gas Power. “This plant plays a significant role in supporting the diversification of energy sources. It will be key to supply lower-carbon intensity and flexible generation capacity to the grid that will provide more reliable electric power service to Czech industries and citizens.”

UCED plans to add and integrate further power blocks creating a 1,000 MW power complex in the Czech Republic by 2030, with an expected investment of over CZK 20 billion. Prostějov power plant will be part of UCED “virtual power plant” consisting of several decentralized, interconnected sources that are controlled by one central control room. The main energy source will be gas, whether it will be natural gas, biogas, or gas blended with hydrogen. The complex will also include solar parks, wind farms, thermal and biomass plants.

GE’s LM6000 unit that will be installed at Prostějoy site is derived from jet-engine technology powering the world’s airlines jets. With over 40 million operating hours and more than 1,300 units shipped, GE’s LM6000 gas turbines have more operating experience than any other aeroderivative gas turbine greater than 40 MW. The LM6000 offers greater than 99 % start and operational reliability and over 98 % availability.


* Trademark of General Electric Company.


About UCED, the energy division of CREDITAS Group

CREDITAS Investment Group has been operating in the filed of energy since the year 2013. The group´s energy division UCED is the fourth largest energy distributor in the Czech Republic. Besides energy distribution, the division has been focussing on energy production, heat generation and the provision of balancing services. The division has been pursuing its goal to become a leader in decentralized energy supplies in the Czech Republic. By the year 2030, the group is planning to establish a virtual power plant with 1,000 megawatts performance. This power plant will not only aggregate renewable sources but also combined cycle power plants which will enable the burning of hydrogen as a source of energy for the future. For more information, visit the company's website at Follow UCED on LinkedIn at UCED.


About GE Gas Power
GE Gas Power is a world leader in natural gas power technology, services, and solutions. Through relentless innovation and continuous collaboration with our customers, we are providing more advanced, cleaner and efficient power that people depend on today and building the energy technologies of the future. With the world’s largest installed base of gas turbines and more than 670 million operating hours across GE’s installed fleet, we offer advanced technology and a level of experience that’s unmatched in the industry to build, operate, and maintain leading gas power plants. For more information, visit the company's website at Follow GE Power on Twitter @GE_Power and on LinkedIn at GE Power.

GE Gas Power is part of GE Vernova, a dynamic accelerator comprised of our Power, Renewable Energy, Digital and Energy Financial Services businesses, focused on supporting customers’ transformations during the global energy transition.


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