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GE Digital Partners with TrendMiner to Empower Energy and Resources Industries with Advanced Process Analytics

  • Enriches its robust suite of software solutions by adding process analytics & optimization
  • Application provides intuitive visualizations and actionable information on time-series and contextual data
  • Delivers comprehensive visibility of processing operations and machine learning (ML) to improve production quality

SAN RAMON, Calif. – NOVEMBER 17, 2022 -- GE Digital, an energy software leader, today announced a strategic partnership with TrendMiner Software AG Company, incorporating process analytics with its Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio. The goal of this strategic partnership is to provide customers in industries like oil and gas, metals, mining, and petrochemicals the ability to optimize assets and processes from plant-level operations through to the enterprise.

Industrial companies strive to manage and optimize production across multiple dimensions—overall equipment effectiveness, performance, and profitability. Optimizing production and business processes requires access and combination of OT and IT data so it may be analyzed to provide actionable insights. Gathering and analyzing big data is not new, but customers need a smarter, more efficient way to collect and analyze siloed data across many business applications.

TrendMiner is a self-service process analytics application providing intuitive visualization of large amounts of sensor-generated time-series and contextualized data. The solution is available based on customer requirements, on-premises, or cloud. It enables process optimization through advanced functionality for process monitoring, troubleshooting, and embedded problem solving-capabilities. This self-service approach to process analytics enables engineers and operators to easily search for trends, analyze, and get the right insights quickly to avoid production loss and boost overall production performance.

Equipping engineers with self-service analytics is becoming more standardized, as noted by Independent Analyst firm Verdantix in its report: 10 Predictions For Operational Excellence Technology In 2022 And Beyond:

“New breed of citizen data scientist will ramp up demand for self-service analytics. As industrial organizations are increasingly employing analytics to optimize their business – from supply chain decisions to asset management strategies – they are discovering that their IT departments cannot match the pace of their analytics need. Therefore, engineers want to develop and perform analysis quickly to measure the impacts to processes and overall operations...”

For example, an ammonia producer was recently faced with a complex case of carbon dioxide peaks. Previously unable to identify the issue, plant engineers used TrendMiner to discover the steam consumption could be decreased approximately 165 tons per day, thereby stabilizing the carbon dioxide peaks. Also as a result, daily ammonia production increased by 50 tons, estimated to be worth $2.1 million a year in additional revenue.

“The addition of TrendMiner provides customers with an industrial enterprise solution across assets to processes,” said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Digital’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas business. “As industrials face increased economic and environmental pressure, it’s critical they have the data and insights their staff need to operate more efficiently and with less carbon intensity.”

“Strategic partnerships enable organizations to bring the best of their strengths and talent forward to the benefit of their customers. Combining GE Digital’s strengths in optimizing asset performance and TrendMiner’s strengths in providing capabilities to analyze, monitor, and predict process behavior enables Energy and Resources companies to continuously improve their overall operational performance”, said Joan van de Wetering, Managing Director of Software AG’s TrendMiner business.

Learn more about GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management software solutions for process industrials today.


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