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GE sharpens critical STEM skills of female students in Egypt through mentoring workshop

Cairo, Egypt; February 22, 2023: In line with its unwavering commitment to building a pipeline of local talent in Egypt and equipping young females with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, GE (NYSE:GE) recently organized a workshop for high school students in collaboration with INJAZ Egypt. The interactive event enabled female students aged 15 to 16 to gain exposure to STEM in a real-life setting and nurture their interest in pursuing future STEM education and careers.

Nearly 100 students from the Othman Ibn Affan Language School in Al Rehab, New Cairo, connected with inspiring female role models in the industry and explored a range of STEM activities that empowered them with skills of the future. The experiential learning opportunity focused on devising creative solutions for an energy transition challenge and sought to foster the vital skills of problem-solving and critical thinking that will be essential to the future of work in the MENA region.

At the workshop, eight teams of 10-12 students from the Othman Ibn Affan Language School engaged in a STEM-based energy challenge, led by INJAZ and GE Volunteers. Each team presented viable, feasible, and innovative solutions before a panel of judges. The winning team of 10 students will visit a power plant in Cairo equipped with GE technology.

Mai Abdelhalim, President - North Africa for GE International Markets, who was at the event, said: “Raising a generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers and future leaders is vital to stimulate innovation in the energy sector in Egypt.  As hosts of the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27), Egypt has seen first-hand how STEM innovation is increasingly important in driving economical, sustainable solutions that address environmental, health and social challenges impacting humanity. Through our partnership with INJAZ Egypt, GE seeks to channel the goals of young students to problem solve and innovate using these essential 21st century skills.”

Shereif Rostom, Regional Project Director at GE Gas Power said: “Energy transition requires innovative solutions from a diverse talent pool, and at GE, we have drawn on the talents of women from across the region and Egypt in particular to deliver a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy future for all. This initiative helped us further provide young female students a first-hand understanding of the latest technologies enabling transition in the energy sector and we highlighted how diverse skills can drive further innovations to benefit humanity. Our goal is to encourage more women and girls to explore the breadth of career opportunities in STEM fields, with the hope that as they join us on the journey, we benefit from greater diversity.”

In addition to solving the energy challenge, students joined various sessions throughout the day that explored systemic barriers impacting women’s full participation in the STEM field and discussed how easing gender biases and closing gender gaps in STEM education can have a strong and positive impact on the economy, driving both productivity and employment.

Despite rising demand for STEM professionals worldwide, women continue to be underrepresented in these fields. A UNESCO study reveals that on average, only around 30% of the world’s researchers are women while less than a third of female students choose to study higher education courses in subjects like math and engineering. The study also states that the dynamics of entrenched gender stereotypes and gender bias continue to prevent women from actively pursuing STEM-related careers.

GE is committed to making continued, real investments to drive female participation in STEM to build a stronger and more diverse pipeline to solve global challenges, including decarbonization and the energy transition. Through knowledge sharing and mentorship opportunities, GE has been developing the next generation of young people to advance science and help create a better future for all.




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GE sharpens critical STEM skills of female students in Egypt through mentoring workshop