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GE Vernova to integrate predictive analytics software to optimize operations for TASNEE in Gulf region

  • GE Vernova to integrate cutting-edge SmartSignal predictive analytics software into its APM program for TASNEE to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across its extensive industrial operations.

  • TASNEE will be the first petrochemical company in the Gulf region to use and integrate predictive analytics into its APM workflows.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: March 27, 2024 – Today, GE Vernova announced it will provide its cutting-edge predictive analytics software to National Industrialization Company (TASNEE), a leading Saudi-based petrochemical industrial business. GE Vernova will integrate SmartSignal - a predictive analytics software designed to help prevent equipment downtime by detecting, diagnosing, forecasting, and preventing emerging failures in industrial companies - to its existing Asset Performance Management (APM) program used by TASNEE. This is a significant step forward in TASNEE’s commitment to leveraging innovative software technologies to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across its extensive industrial operations in Saudi Arabia.

GE Vernova's APM suite, which includes its Reliability application, is known for offering advanced capabilities in forecasting asset performance and predicting maintenance needs. TASNEE is the first petrochemical company in the Gulf region to integrate GE Vernova’s SmartSignal into its existing APM workflow. This software integration seeks to empower TASNEE to proactively manage its critical assets, optimize maintenance schedules, and minimize unplanned downtime. By expanding the use of GE Vernova's APM applications, TASNEE aims to drive operational excellence and maximize the lifespan of its assets, contributing to increased overall productivity while addressing sustainability in the petrochemical industry.

"We are thrilled to be part of TASNEE’s journey toward a more digitally resilient future," said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Vernova’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas software business. "Our predictive analytics solutions are designed to empower organizations like TASNEE with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions, optimize asset performance, and ultimately achieve their business objectives. We look forward to supporting TASNEE in its digital transformative endeavour as one of the first in the industry to use this software.

The strategic use of GE Vernova’s predictive analytics software exemplifies TASNEE’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence.

"Embracing digital transformation is imperative for our industry's evolution, and our collaboration with GE Vernova signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation," said Sultan Al Hazmi, Reliability Superintendent at TASNEE. "GE Vernova's predictive analytics software will play a pivotal role in our holistic APM strategy, providing us with actionable insights to enhance asset performance, reduce operational risks, and drive sustainable growth.”

GE Vernova's advanced analytics platform combines data-driven insights with machine learning (ML) algorithms, enabling TASNEE to move from traditional reactive maintenance practices to a more proactive and predictive approach. This transition aligns with TASNEE’s vision of operational excellence and underscores its dedication to delivering advanced products and services to its customers. The use of predictive analytics generates a composable APM solution to support the overall goals of the organization.


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Established in 1985, as the first Saudi private sector's fully owned joint stock industrial company, with the aim of advancing the economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. Today, as one of the largest industrial and petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest investors in titanium value chain locally and globally, we are recognized for our wide experience, skills, efficiencies, state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions that add value to our products and services worldwide. Achievement of our corporate Vision and Mission across these diverse companies will require practices that incorporate three core aspects of sustainability: environmental, health, safety and security, social responsibility and corporate governance.


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