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GEH nuclear fuel and related products

Our engineering excellence in fuel design, optimization, and analysis is recognized with dozens of patents, awards, and honors. Today, we offer two standard BWR fuel configurations as well as being on the vanguard of developing fuel for next generation nuclear reactors.

Nuclear fuel

Innovating and pursuing advanced nuclear fuel technologies

GE Hitachi’s advanced fuel technologies enhance overall nuclear fuel safety while enlarging the design space, saving operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, and offering better overall performance during both normal operation and transient/accident conditions.


GEH fuel innovations

  • Using armor-coated Zirconium cladding to increase safety
  • Increased enrichment and higher burnup (enabling advanced designs): Developing the licensing, factory, transport, and engineering methods to process enrichment up to 8%


Explore GEH fuel manufacturing sites

Dedicated in 1969, our Wilmington fuel manufacturing operation has helped our North American customers power industries and light millions of homes with safer, more reliable nuclear power.



Also home to GEH’s global headquarters, our Wilmington site is nestled on more than 1,500 acres.

The Wilmington facility has a highly skilled workforce that produces zircalloy components, uranium dioxide powder and pellets, and fuel assemblies for the boiling water reactor market.


Since 1970, GE has helped our Japanese customers fuel the nuclear industry from our facility in Kurihama, Japan.

Over the past several decades, the area around the plant has transitioned from primarily farmland to a diverse, industrial, mixed-use community with the plant as an important economic engine for the area and region.

Beyond fuel

Fuel-related products

Additionally, we have developed a suite of related products to support our customers’ needs. From damage-resistant core channels to core monitoring/prediction software, we offer a complete line of nuclear plant solutions.

NSF Channels

The fuel channels on all GEH BWR fuel assemblies are made of a proprietary Zirconium alloy containing 1.0% Niobium (Nb), 1.0% tin (Sn), and 0.35% iron (Fe).


NSF assemblies resist the channel bow that causes channel control blade interference. This reduces the need for operational testing, allowing utilities to operate their plants with greater efficiency. (The image illustrates a pre-oxidized NSF channel.)


The ACUMEN core monitoring and prediction system monitors and predicts fuel performance based on neutron instrumentation inputs. It provides the data needed to enhance reactor performance.


ACUMEN features a Microsoft Windows-based user interface which provides increased control, availability, and flexibility. It is user-configurable, which facilitates workspace optimization, customization, and efficiency. Additionally, ACUMEN is configured to help ensure cybersecurity for nuclear facilities.

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