Regulatory confidence

GNF3 features and benefits

Utilizing our existing 10x10 lattice design, proven materials, and evolutionary bundle design changes, GNF reduces regulatory hurdles and offers remarkable speed to market over its competition. GNF’s GESTAR II generic compliance process enables us to migrate through the regulatory process with less risk, allowing customers to take advantage of the cost savings and reliability benefits today.


NSF channels

The channels on the GNF3 are made of Zircaloy infused with 1% niobium (Nb), 1% tin (Sn), and 0.35% Iron (Fe). This formulation makes the channels highly resistant to destructive channel distortion. (See an image of a pre-oxidized NSF channel at right. Pre-oxidizing the surface improves manufacturability.)


The channel distortion solution

NSF significantly decreases channel bowing and bulging—caused by so-called “shadow corrosion”—and the need for operational testing. It is up to five times more resistant to channel distortion than the standard Ziracloy-2 found in other fuel bundles currently operating in the world’s BWR fleet.

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