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What RFF services does GEH offer?

Reactor maintenance

A group of professionals—encompassing various areas of expertise—within GEH can perform complete reactor disassembly and reassembly. Also includes the Advanced Tooling solutions that help streamline the outage process.

In-vessel maintenance

Replacement of control rod blades (CRBs) and instrumentation, such as local power range monitors (LPRM) and drytubes. Available services also include nozzle flushing (underwater flushing of nozzles to reduce radiation exposure for other workgroups), vacuuming for does reduction, surveillance sample holder removal, and plug installation/removal. Contact us directly for a full catalog of IV services.

Fuel movement

Part of the in-vessel maintenance group, these professionals help move fuel assemblies on site. Having GEH as part of your team helps ensure that the job gets done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. 

Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) services

The GEH RFF services team delivers the maximum level of project management and technical rigor for both planned and emergency PWR services before, during, and after an outage.

PWR operators receive the same level of project management expertise and technical rigor that GEH brings to BWR customers—helping to ensure operational excellence in the areas of safety, keeping dose as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA), foreign material exclusion, quality, and schedule adherence.

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