GEH training facilities

Training in realistic virtual and practical environments

Full-scale BWR – San Jose, CA

Give your personnel real-world experience at our San Jose facility, featuring a full-scale boiling water reactor (BWR) mock-up.


Working on the full-scale mock-up helps personnel develop these skills:

  • Safe handling of Nuclear Fuel
  • Inspections
  • In-vessel maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Reactor disassembly/reassembly
  • New tooling testing prior to mobilization to site
  • Rigging activities

Virtual reality training

GEH’s partnership with Virtualware creates the most realistic virtual training environments.

The fuel movement simulator and vessel assembly and vessel distension simulators are currently available with more virtual trainings coming soon.

Under vessel – Wilmington, NC

Get specialized training on a realistic, full-size replica of the operating area underneath a BWR


Built specifically to address under vessel (UV) and hydraulic control unit (HCU) maintenance, the Wilmington training facility contains multiple work locations to better simulate real world scenarios. This enables outage services work to be completed in less time with reduced radiation accrual for reactor workers.

Planning and programs

Proven methods to promote desirable outcomes

Outage optimization and execution

Effective planning and preparation are essential for successful outage execution.

The outage readiness review (ORR) process helps ensure predictable project outcomes through a multi-discipline, experience-based readiness evaluation. The process consists of a series of sessions targeting important review areas like equipment and materials, industrial safety, risk assessment, and contingency planning.

Field engineering program

Developing the next generation of leaders for the nuclear industry.

This comprehensive 18-month leadership and technical training program uses classroom, practical, and on-the-job training to cover under vessel, refuel floor, and inspections.

KT&R/JIT training

Knowledge Transfer and Retention (KT&R) Just in Time (JIT) Training – creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

GEH offers a formal lessons learned and operating experience program specific to outage management. The program establishes management expectations for sharing information and defines the mechanisms for developing, utilizing, and incorporating lessons learned to promote safety, quality, and cost effectiveness.

With the large operating knowledge/experience gap anticipated within the next decade in the nuclear industry, the KT&R program offers an ideal solution to fill this gap with in-depth, site-specific training – ensuring that knowledge/experience remains at your facility now and in the future.

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