About nuclear VR training

An integral component of a comprehensive industry training program

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy offers a unique, award-winning solution—based on Virtualware’s VIROO* platform and immersive VR rooms concept—that allows personnel to simulate complex real-life nuclear power plant scenarios. This system increases hands-on training time and prepares workers to handle unexpected events and emergencies with nuclear reactors.


Find a nuclear plant simulator near you

Use GE Hitachi’s nuclear VR training simulators at the following facilities:

  • GE Hitachi’s nuclear services building—Wilmington, North Carolina 
  • GE Hitachi’s technology development center—San Jose, California 
  • Your own facility—contact GE Hitachi Nuclear Services for more information
Available simulators

Discover GE Hitachi’s range of VR simulators

Fuel movement simulator (FMS)

Helps facilitate fuel movement training within a plant-specific environment—Boiling Water Reactor (BWR). This nuclear plant simulator can be easily adapted to different plant/bridge designs.


By integrating a virtual reality immersive experience with the benefits of detailed training, the FMS offers a comprehensive and secure platform to configure training sessions. It replicates specific plant conditions, while also allowing the entire process to be monitored and training results to be preserved.

Vessel Assembly and Vessel Distension simulator

Helps facilitate vessel disassembly training within a plant-specific (BWR) environment via a physical tensioner replica connected directly to the virtual environment.


Trainees can perform vessel disassembly operations as they would in the real world. This nuclear reactor simulator monitors the entire disassembly process, detecting possible errors that operators may incur during the maneuver, while preserving training results for review at any time.


GE Hitachi and Virtualware’s Fuel Movement Simulator (FMS) received a 2023 Best Advance in Augmented and Virtual Reality Gold medal award from the Brandon Hall Grou—known as the "Academy Awards of Human Capital Management."

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