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The General Electric Company established its Atomic Power Equipment Department in 1955, less than two decades after the initial discovery of nuclear fission. The company heavily invested in developing nuclear reactor technology—including many notable first-of-a-kind (FOAK) plants—ultimately focusing its efforts on boiling water reactors (BWRs) in the 1960s. GE’s commitment to nuclear power continues into the 21st century.


The nuclear evolution continues

The GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) alliance continues to make great strides in BWR technology. Moreover, GEH’s combined decades of operating experience means we can also offer unmatched services for operating plants worldwide. From modifications and uprates to outage and decommissioning services, you get the tools and assistance needed to maintain successful plant operation.

Available services

What nuclear services does GEH offer?

Outage services

From the first commercial boiling water reactor in 1957 to today’s modular and advanced BWRs, GEH offers the highest-quality tools and expertise to help make your outage run smoothly and quickly.

Non-destructive examinations (NDE)/in-service inspections (ISI)

With numerous tools and services available, you can be sure that your inspections will be completed on time and under budget while maintaining plant safety for both operating personnel and the public.

Power plant upgrades

GEH Nuclear Energy Performance Services offers a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and capabilities to enhance plant performance and efficiency.

Replacement parts/refurbishments

GEH offers a complete catalog of nuclear plant electronic, electrical, reactor, mechanical, and motor replacement parts. Plus, GEH’s Parts Asset Management Solutions (PAMS) gives you the ability to proactively identify spare part issues and deliver solutions.

Power uprates

With methods that enhance safety margins and advanced equipment, analysis, and other available services, GEH helps you achieve the longest feasible life from one of your most valuable assets.

Need technical expertise?

GEH’s pioneering expertise dates back to the dawn of the nuclear power era. We stand ready to assist you with all your technical issues—from engineering consultation to on-site assistance and everything in between.

Nuclear Virtual Reality training simulators

GE Hitachi's award-winning nuclear virtual reality training simulators help users learn in a no-pressure environment that prepares them to handle real-world situations.

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