Available replacement parts

What replacement parts does GEH offer?

Reactor parts

OEM design, manufacturing, and quality. Assemblies, sub-components, and engineering support for:

  • Control rod blades (CRBs) – Ultra MD (medium duty), Ultra HD (high duty)
  • Control rod drives (CRDs) / Hydraulic control units (HCUs)
  • Reactor internals
  • Mechanical – valves, pumps, tooling, cylinders

Electrical and motors

OEM knowledge and engineering support. Safety and non-safety related parts:

  • Electrical – relays, switches, molded case circuit breakers, transformers, meters, heaters, switchgear, and circuit breaker parts
  • Motors and motor parts – Large and small motors, stators, rotors, bearings, thermocouples, oil level switches, cooling coils


New and/or refurbished parts for GE BWR design

  • Safety and non-safety related instrumentation and controls (I&C) parts
  • NUMAC chasses and spares
  • Neutron monitoring system (NMS) cards
  • High- and low voltage power supplies
  • Electronic small/medium/large assemblies
  • Other GE BWR systems

Parts solutions

Custom solutions to lower cost and lead time. Parts asset management solutions (PAMS):

  • Expanded exchange service program (EESP)
  • Inventory management (IM) / system assessment report (SAR)
  • Engineering services (ES) – obsolescence issues
  • Material solutions (MS) – fixed pricing
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