Specialty tools for nuclear

Designing, constructing, and refurbishing nuclear tools

Work platforms


Platforms allow workers to perform work while moving fuel into and out of the reactor core. With this tool, the Refuel Bridge (RFB) can safely travel over individuals working on the platform, allowing work to be performed in parallel. It can also be an important component for supporting in-vessel maintenance.

Refueling masts and grapples

The refueling mast is the main mast that moves fuel on a refueling platform. GEH’s NF500—which is solid and contains contamination reduction—is the latest model. The mast houses the fuel grapple which supports fuel movement in both the reactor core and spent fuel pool.

Additionally, GEH provides the necessary project management, engineering, and materials to refurbish existing NF500 and NF400 refueling masts.

Vessel and internals nozzle plugs

Plugs are installed inside the RPV and prevent water from flowing downstream. This supports other downstream outage work and allows workers to complete tasks in a safe/dry environment. GEH also refurbishes the above plugs as an optional service

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