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What under-vessel services does GEH offer?

Control rod drive (CRD) exchange

Hydraulic control units (HCUs) drive the CRDs into and out of the reactor to start, regulate, and shut down the nuclear fission process and, consequently, the reactor. Utilities must replace a certain number of CRDs each outage. GEH is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of BWR CRDs, with decades of outage experience performing maintenance and replacing these critical components.

Hydraulic control unit (HCU) maintenance

HCUs control the CRDs which help control reactor power. HCUs contain numerous valves/filters that must operate correctly to safely shut down a reactor. GEH personnel can perform the maintenance to help ensure the highest quality of performance and reliability.

CRD rebuild

Once removed, CRDs must be rebuilt to be reinstalled at the next outage. At GEH’s CRD rebuild facility in Wilmington, NC, our expert technician and supervisors rebuild and service most US CRDs – including shipping, disassembly, inspection, storage, replacement of all parts, rebuild, and leak rate test under the GEH quality program.

I&C+ (nuclear instrumentation maintenance and I&C+)

Utilities face unique challenges with their instrumentation and control (I&C) systems, mostly driven by their age and the environment in which they are placed (heat is the main factor). During an outage, time is critical, meaning that the window to troubleshoot and repair issues closes quickly.

GEH performs preventative maintenance on nuclear instrumentation during the outage, and our technical experts provide recommendations on how to maintain your I&C systems and equipment for end of life.

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