Reactor water solutions

Optimum water chemistry (OWC)

GEH’s OWC is an overall strategy created to minimize both intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) and radiation dose rates inside BWRs. It consists of a trio of innovative solutions created to work in concert to help ensure optimum reactor operation and efficiency.

Water chemistry tools

Dose mitigation and water chemistry offerings

GE zinc injection passivation (GEZIP)

The passive GEZIP system continuously injects a dilute ionic zinc water solution into reactor feedwater, which helps reduce the buildup of radiation inside the reactor.

  • Easy to install and incorporate
  • Requires minimal operation and maintenance
  • Reduces shutdown radiation dose rates


On-Line NobleChem™ (ONLC)

OLNC is GEH’s solution to mitigate stress corrosion cracking in BWRs. Unlike the classic NobleChem™ (CNC) technology—also a GEH innovation—OLNC is conducted while the plant is operating—instead of during an outage—saving utilities time and money.

  • Logistical and dose savings from reduced onsite vendor presence
  • Improved online crack growth mitigation
  • Moderate and manageable plant chemistry and radiation responses to OLNC

Hydrogen water chemistry (HWC) system

As the creators of HWC systems for its worldwide BWR fleet, GEH constantly works to improve its system’s IGSCC mitigation capabilities. HWC systems coordinate with the OLNC process and mitigation monitoring systems (MMS) to keep reactors operating at peak efficiency.

  • Can operate at low flow rates in conjunction with OLNC
  • Improved availability by operating at low plant power and optional early injection


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