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Feeder Protection
Distribution tower

GE’s distribution feeder protection systems provide advanced protection with flexibility, programmability and communications for maximum system reliability. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians understand distribution feeder principles and the sources of faults on overhead and underground distribution feeders. They apply their knowledge to the design and manufacture of some of the most advanced protection relays and systems in the world.

Major faults occurring in the distribution system such as arc flash, incipient cable splice fault, high impedance fault and others, must be sensed quickly and isolated immediately to prevent hazards to the general public and personnel. "Learn about GE’s solutions to provide early detection and warning in this spotlight application".

Interactive Selector Guide

Transmission & sub-transmission
MiCOM Agile P84 - Multi-Functionnal Line Terminal Protection

P84 MiCOM 5th Generation The P84, part of the MiCOM P40 Agile 5th Generation family, delivers high performance processing and a graphical HMI as standard. A cost-effective range of transmission/sub-transmission class protection relays providing multi-functional line terminal protection with autoreclose and check synchronising features. This range of products is ideal for HV, EHV and UHV applications on lines and cables for 1 or 2 breaker applications with patented adaptive auto-reclose functionality.

MiCOM P14x Agile

MiCOM P14x Agile
The P14x series of feeder protection relays, part of the MiCOM P40 Agile family of protection relays, provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables. Modular range in 4U high, 40TE (4") 60TE (6") and 80TE (8") width.

MiCOM P841 Agile

MiCOM P841 Agile Provides control and back-up protection in transmission and sub-transmission feeder bays, together with single or dual breaker and 1/3 pole autoreclose logic schemes and synchro check.

Multilin F60

Multilin F60 The F60, a member of the UR family of protection relays, provides high performance feeder protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables. It offers a large color LCD display for bay control & monitoring applications, integrated PMU and process bus.

Multiple Feeder Protection
Multilin F35

Multilin F35 The F35, a member of the UR family of protection relays, provides feeder protection and power metering for up to five feeders with busbar voltage measurement, or six feeders without busbar voltage, in one integrated package.

Multilin 850D/P

Multilin 850D The 850D, a member of the 8 series family of protection relays, is designed for the protection, control and monitoring of up to two distribution feeders. The 850D supports integrated arc flash protection and WiFi communication options.

Distribution & Industry (with mimic diagram)
Multilin 850

Multilin 850 With comprehensive, advanced feeder protection functions, the 850 supports both industrial and distribution utility feeders. Dual feeders (850D) and multi feeder (850P) in electrical applications are also supported. Wi-Fi connectivity to configure settings and retrieve records and integrated arc flash protection.

Multilin Agile

Multilin Agile Feeder Protection Multilin Agile is a compact, high performance protection and control solution for distribution and industrial feeders. This powerful device hosts a graphical color screen for bay monitoring and control. It also provides advanced functionality, including high-performance protection, extensive monitoring & control functions, redundant Ethernet communication, and flexible configuration capabilities in a compact form factor (6” wide)

Multilin F650

Multilin F650 The F650 is a high performance digital device that offers high end protection, control, and metering features in an economical package. Remote CANBus I/O can be used to reduce wiring & double the number of I/O.

Distribution & Industry (compact case)
P40 Agile Enhanced P14N, P14D, P94V

P40 Agile Enhanced P14N, P14D, P94V The P14N non-directional overcurrent protection, P14D directional overcurrent protection and P94V voltage & frequency protection relays are ideal for feeder protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines, underground cables and distributed generation interconnections. Easy upgrade for K-series relays. Advanced features for TGFD, TCS, df/dt, dv/dt, voltage vector shift, high impedance fault, load encroachment, switch onto fault and fault locator.

Multilin 350

Multilin 350 Feeder protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables, with directional and non directional current protection and voltage & frequency protection, as well as integrated arc flash protection. Easy upgrade for MII family devices.

LV over current
P50 Agile P153

P50 Agile P153 The P153 offers non directional overcurrent and earth fault protection in a compact case.

Special Applications
P50 Agile P154

P50 Agile P154 The P154 provides non directional overcurrent and earth fault protection.

P50 Agile P15D

P50 Agile P15D The P15D is a dual-powered version of the P154. It provides protection for applications where no external auxiliary power is available, or the auxiliary supply does not guarantee the dependability required for protection applications.

P50 Agile P154

CIO Remote I/O ModuleThe remote CAN I/O module provides up to 32 inputs, 16 outputs and 8 DC transducer inputs for the 650 family of relays.

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