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Fault Recorders & PMUs

Digital Fault Recorders (DFR)


Reason DR60 The DR60 is a centralized digital fault recorder (DFR). It can scale up to 32 analog inputs, up to 96 binary inputs and up to 48 binary outputs. For larger schemes, multiple devices can be networked. It offers IEC 61850 Ed2 communication and PTP time synchronization.



Reason RPV311 The RPV311 is a powerful electrical system monitoring, recording and analysis device. Digital fault recording, phasor measurement, power quality, precision fault location (using traveling wave) and process bus options deliver the highest integration capabilities for digital substation and wide-area schemes.

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)

Multilin N60

Multilin N60 The N60, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, is a flexible device intended for either the development of special protection schemes (like load shedding) and/or serving synchro­phasor data.

MiCOM P847 Agile

MiCOM P847 Agile The P847 is used to measure power system data in real time and report to the PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator) for visualization, data storage and most importantly for running a variety of ‘on-line’ and ‘off-line’ applications in systems analysis and control.



Analise Visualization and Analysis of Oscillographic Records Analise is an application for graphic visualization, handling and analysis of oscillographic records. Analise works with the worldwide IEEE COMTRADE standard format (Common Format for Transient Data Exchange) IEEE C37.111-1991, 1996 and IEEE C37.111-1999.

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