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Digital Metering

Utility, industrial and commercial customers rely on digital metering solutions for highly accurate power quality monitoring and reporting. This enables the reliable and efficient use of energy within their operations. Advanced communications and logging capabilities, as well as flexible installation options, provide the application flexibility for both green field and brown field digital metering installations.

With a wide range of offerings, GE provides high accuracy power quality, power meters and sub-metering solutions, as well as meter enclosures and powerful energy visualization, analysis and reporting software.

Interactive Selector Guide

Power Quality Meters

EPM 9900P

EPM 9900P IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Power Quality Meter with Transient Recording and Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) The EPM 9900P is ideal for revenue and power quality monitoring in utility and industrial applications with advanced features such as IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed. 3 Power Quality Measurement; waveform and high resolution transient recording (up to 50Mhz) and high accuracy 0.06% Watt/Hr energy metering with demand and time of use capture. Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)/Synchrophasor capability along with enhanced security features are also available. The EPM 9900P also provides easy integration with flexible communications options, I/O and protocol support including Modbus, DNP, IEC 61850, GOOSE Messaging, SNMP; IEEE 1588 PTPv2 and IEEE C37.118.2-2011 (Synchrophasor data).

EPM 9700

EPM 9700 High Performance Power Quality Metering with Advanced Logging and Communications The EPM 9700 is a high performance IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 power quality meter with innovative logging and communication features ideal for utility, industrial and commercial applications. It provides a comprehensive overview of power quality and consumption empowering users to capture and reconcile key power quality events to make educated operational decisions quickly. The EPM 9700 is an enhanced, direct retrofit upgrade replacement for existing installations of the EPM 9450/9650.

EPM 7000P

EPM 7000P Versatile Power Quality Metering with Logging and Flexible Communications The EPM 7000P is a versatile power quality meter offering high accuracy revenue and power quality applications for utility and industrial customers. It provides flexible and customizable optional input/output configurations along with a variety of communication options and a web server for easy system integration and communications. The EPM 7000P is an enhanced, direct retrofit upgrade replacement for the EPM 7000 and is also available in a transducer version without display (EPM 7000PT).

EPM 7000

EPM 7000 Power Quality Meter The EPM 7000 meter provides revenue class (0.2%) three phase power metering with optional Ethernet, relay, status, and analog output communication modules. This flexible meter can be used for a wide range of high accuracy applications including disturbance recording and power quality studies.


PQM II Power Quality Metering System Continuous Metering of three-phase systems with waveform and data logging. The PQM II is a digital metering device that provides continuous monitoring of a three-phase system. It provides metering of current, voltage, real and reactive power, energy use, cost of power, power factor and frequency.

Power Meters

EPM 6010

EPM 6010 Building Automation Power Meter The Multilin EPM 6010 is a revenue grade power meter with native BACnet/IP communications. This meter is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing and new building management systems using the popular BACnet protocol. The meter allows users to gather data on voltage, current, power and energy usage throughout a facility.

EPM 6000

EPM 6000 Multifunction Power Metering SystemMultifunction Power and Energy Meter. EPM 6000 is the industry's highest performance revenue grade panel meters. Based on the latest technology and an all-new platform, the EPM 6000 has a superior cost to performance ratio and significantly outperforms other metering products many times its price.

EPM 2200

EPM 2200 Power Metering System The EPM 2200 meter measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a low-cost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial and power generation applications. The meter is very easy to configure, read and installs into standard 92mm DIN and ANSI C39.1 Round Cut-outs


EPM 4600

EPM 4600 Multi-Feed Power and Energy Metering Solution The Multilin EPM 4600 Multi-feed Power and Energy Meter is a submetering solution that allows owners and operators to quickly, accurately and centrally measure power and energy usage of specific areas to reduce operating expenses. The EPM 4600 provides comprehensive data logging and trending capabilities and includes a broad range of communication options including Wi-Fi, Ethernet RS485 or USB for easy integration in both existing or new infrastructures.

Meter Enclosures

Meter enclosures

Pre-wired & Configured Metering Solution GE’s Multilin Meter Enclosures enable customers to extend existing switchgear metering or install new metering capabilities. As a factory pre-wired, configured and stand-alone solution, high accuracy energy and power quality metering can be added without expensive and time-consuming design changes or downtime, enabling energy management initiatives and cost savings.

EPM Meter Software

GE Communicator

GE Communicator – Advanced Setup, Logging, Visualization, and Analysis Software for EPM MetersGE Communicator is an easy-to-use software application to set up and maintain EPM meters, as well as view data and generate reports to support analysis. It provides advanced visualization functionality including graphing/trending values, viewing waveforms/log records, and generating customizable reports.

Energy Aggregator

GE Energy Aggregator - Energy Visualization, Analysis and Reporting Software Solution GE Energy Aggregator assists facility managers to effectively manage energy ownership through automated meter data collection, visualization of key data enabling better decision making, and billing and reporting to help support tenant satisfaction and energy incentives.

Energy Aggregator is designed to work with GE’s advanced EPM Meters with Ethernet network connectivity and provides a complete energy management visualization, analysis and reporting solution to effectively execute baseline assessments and ongoing studies to support energy management planning.

iSTAT Transducers (CE Listed)

iSTAT i500

iSTAT i500 (i5MC, i5MV, i5MT) High Performance Multifunction Transducers The iSTAT i500 family of multifunction and configurable transducers provide economical, compact and easy to install monitoring for single (i5MC, i5MV) or 3-phase (i5MT) circuits. In addition to measurements, a wide range of optional input/output (I/O) modules are available such as analogue, temperature (PT100), digital inputs or analogue, alarm, or watchdog outputs to achieve the functionality required. The i500 supports Modbus through serial and optional Ethernet and USB communications ports.

iSTAT i4Mx

iSTAT i400 i4Mx (i4MC, i4MV, i4MT) Multifunction Transducers The iSTAT i400 i4Mx family of multifunction and configurable transducers provide monitoring of single or 3-phase circuits with 0.5% accuracy and available Modbus serial communications for utility or industrial applications. The compact, single-phase transducer offerings - i4MC (current) and i4MV (voltage, frequency) are fitted with one analogue output as standard. With the i4MT 3-phase transducer, up to 4 output modules are supported with analogue or alarm outputs to achieve the required monitoring functionality required.

iSTAT i400

iSTAT i400 DC Transducers (i4Dx) The iSTAT i400 DC measuring transducers monitor DC Volts and provide an analogue output and optional Modbus serial communications.

iSTAT Measurement Centers (CE Listed)

iSTAT M2x2

iSTAT M232 Communicating Measurement Centre The GE iSTAT M232 Measurement Centre provides economical, 0.5% accuracy measurement and energy monitoring of single or 3-phase circuits in utility and industrial applications. The iSTAT M232 also utilizes software setup and auto-ranging CT inputs to ease installation and provides serial or USB communications for easy system integration.

iSTAT M2x3

iSTAT M2x3 High Performance Measurement Centre With a range of flexible communications and logging options, the iSTAT M2x3 (M233, M253) family of measurement centers can be used in a variety of industrial and utility applications including power quality monitoring or SCADA. Along with up to 0.2% active energy measurement accuracy the iSTAT M2x3 family also provides analysis up to the 63rd harmonic as well data collection for EN50160 report generation and accuracy to support IEC 61000-4-30 Class A measurements with the M253.

iSTAT M365

iSTAT M365 Class A, EN50160 Power Quality Analyser The iSTAT M365 comprehensive power quality metering and communication features are ideal for utility, industrial and commercial power quality applications. It provides extensive power quality perspective with the latest IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 certification and EN50160 reporting along with 625 samples/cycle sampling frequency and 8GB of logging memory to capture waveform, disturbance events and measured values. The iSTAT M365 support for Modbus, DNP3, FTP and IEC 61850 Edition 2 along with GPS, IRIG-B and NTP time sync make it easy to integrate into new or existing systems.

iSTAT Software

QDSP software

QDSP setting, monitoring and analysis software The QDSP software is required for changing all settings in iSTAT communicating transducers and all but basic settings on communicating Measurement Centres and Power Quality Analysers. QDSP can store a record of all settings to allow simple replacement of devices or duplication for equivalent applications.

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