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Transformer Protection

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GE's transformer protection solutions
Transformer Protection

GE's transformer protection devices provide innovative solutions for the protection, control and monitoring of transformer assets. Transformers have become an essential component for high voltage power transmission, ensuring long distance transmission of power is economically practical. GE's transformer protection solutions enhance transformer reliability through special techniques and methods to increase the life of transformers.

Extend transformer life, optimize capital expenditure and improve reliability of service by implementing a preventative asset maintenance and management tool using GE's Multilin T60, T35, 845, 745 and 345 as well as MiCOM P64x.
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Interactive Selector Guide

Power Generation & Transmission
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform

Multilin T60 The T60, a member of the UR family of protection relays, cover two and three windings transformers, with two to five windings transformer protection including interturn protection. It offers a large color LCD display and integrated PMU.

MiCOM P542/3/5 Agile

MiCOM P642/3/5 AgileThe various P64x models, part of the MiCOM P40 Agile family of protection relays, cover two and three windings transformers (including auto-transformers), providing cost effective two to five windings protection. Modular range in 4U high, 40TE (4”) 60TE (6”) and 80TE (8”) width.

Distribution & Industry (>5MVA)
Multilin 845

Multilin 845 The 845, a member of the 8 series family of protection relays, has been designed to provide comprehensive protection of transformers with two or three windings. Integrated transformer M&D with GE Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) and advanced health report.

Distribution & Industry (<5MVA)
Multilin 345

Multilin 345The 345 is ideal for protecting small and medium size, 2-winding, distribution transformers. It is available with and without draw out.

Special Applications
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform

Multilin T35Cost effective transformer protection for up to six windings from the UR family of protection relays. Effective current based back-up protection for distribution. It offers a large color LCD display and process bus.

P50 Agile P652

P50 Agile P652The P652 is a dedicated protection relay intended for optimized protection of two winding transformers. It is an economical choice, designed for deployment in volume, for distribution or industrial applications typically.

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