What are control system simulators?

Control system simulators provide a safe, accurate, and reliable training environment for operators, technicians, and engineers to develop the critical skills for operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining your valuable plant assets.

With a high-fidelity simulation, users are given the opportunity to either review critical changes before installation occurs in the plant—or for high-impact, low-risk training of new operators. This is a vital step in minimizing risk to an operational facility.

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Realistic scenarios for existing and newly installed machinery

Using an accurate, easy-to-maintain simulation of your plant equipment and control system makes operations and maintenance processes more cost effective.

GE Vernova’s extensive experience with gas turbines, steam turbines, and combined-cycle gas turbine plants—coupled with state-of-the-art modeling software and virtual controller software—creates the foundation to build the best simulator for your operation.


A control system simulator offers several benefits

Safe operation

  • With a control system simulator, operators are given a safe training environment to practice plant operation.
  • Safer and cheaper than actual equipment, the simulator lets operators safely practice standard operating procedures as well as uncommon, emergency scenarios.

Risk reduction

  • The control system simulator offers a test environment to review changes before deploying them in plant production.
  • It reduces costly, time-consuming trips and start-up failures due to operations error.

Operator performance

  • Based on the same control platform as the actual plant's control system, the control simulator is easy to use and intuitive for operators to practice on.
  • Operations teams learn how to run the plant in both normal and failure-type situations.
  • As a result, it improves operator performance, reduces downtime, improves control system quality, and helps operators retain and transfer knowledge. 

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