Today’s challenge for operators

Reducing trips, increasing confidence

Traditional gas turbine monitoring and protection systems are susceptible to faults in instrumentation and sensor systems, which can result in unnecessary trips. But with the OpFlex Trip Avoidance package, we’re providing you with the latest in new unit turbine protection engineering, putting you back in control.

Trip Avoidance approach and benefits

Our approach:

  • Use “Protection Rationalization” efforts from HA new unit program
  • Review B/E fleet trip history for both causes and consequences
  • Re-evaluate intent of existing protective actions
  • Apply operator/owner centric perspective toward economic impact of protective action
  • Apply modern control approaches to determine if can delete or modify, and, if need to retain, how to avoid false positives


  • Advanced fault detection of sensors; discriminates between actual events and failed sensors (with notification of failures)
  • >20% reduction in protective actions for B/E-class versus original specifications
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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

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