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GE Power’s investment in Kuwait’s energy transition

Aside from being able to provide cutting-edge turbines, GE continues to play its part in Kuwait’s evolution by developing local, high-value professionals through places like the GE Kuwait Technology Center (GEKTC). The GEKTC is a first-of-its-kind facility, serving power sector customers home and abroad, and it uniquely includes a Training Center, a Tooling Center, and a division for progressive R&D.

With all of this knowledge, learning, and ingenuity focused in one place, the GE Kuwait Technology Center is capable of driving Kuwait Vision 2035 on another front with the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA). 


The GEKTC has been operating since 2016 through KDIPA and continues to foster localized research, provide hands-on training, and build an innovation ecosystem to serve the power sector in Kuwait and beyond.

This first-of-its-kind facility in Kuwait not only underlines GE’s long-term commitment to the country but also complements KDIPA’s objectives that focus on attracting value-added direct investments to ensure transfer of technology with a strong focus on talent and skill development of Kuwaitis for a sustainable future. 

Additionally, KDIPA and GE, along with relevant ministries, government entities, and other stakeholders, will continue to collaborate to support Kuwait Vision 2035, especially in the transition toward a lower carbon energy future to help create a more sustainable living environment.

H.E. Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah

KDIPA Director General

Continually innovating with hydrogen

The capabilities of the GE Kuwait Technology Center are dynamic, to say the least. With a host of various trainings to support the power sector, a cutting-edge R&D Center, a Tooling Center that can maintain and modify power-generation tech—including integrated hydrogen solutions for greater plant performance—the GE Kuwait Technology Center is poised to steer the future of energy in Kuwait.


GE gas turbines can run on diverse fuels. More than 100 GE gas turbines have already operated on fuels that contain hydrogen, accumulating over 8 million operating hours. With KDIPA navigating through government groups for local investments, and GE’s proven ability to cut emissions, our journey in inventing new solutions for the energy sector is just beginning.

Joseph Anis

President & CEO GE Gas Power Europe, Middle East & Africa 

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The GE Kuwait Technology Center (GEKTC) is a flagship facility that fosters localized research, provides hands-on training and builds an innovation ecosystem specifically for the power sector.

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