Get a glimpse into Zyanya’s daily routine at home and work, and learn more about what makes her proud to work for GE

I would like to share my experience working for GE and why I’m so proud to part of the GE organization in Mexico.

But first, a bit about me…

I was born in Mexico City, have been married for 13 years to my husband David, and we have two daughters, Valeria (10) and Regina (8). I love to spend my free time with my family, go on motorcycle rides, read historic novels, and listen to music.


My background and history with GE

I joined GE in 2007 as an application engineer for B&E gas turbine technology, a role that allowed me to gain expertise in gas turbine combustion systems, fuel flexibility, and plant solutions deals. I was appointed as technical leader in charge of providing support, coaching and mentoring to the B&E team.

In 2016 I was fortunate to be chosen for the new “Cultivate Program” which was developed by the Power Services Engineering team to develop and cultivate GE’s future female leaders. In 2018 I led the Services Application Engineering team for LATAM, where I worked closely with customers to deliver differentiated technical solutions for heavy duty gas turbines, generators and steam turbine technologies. In 2020 I was appointed as GEIQ customer application and requisition engineering (ITR) manager.

In the last year, I have been leading two career development programs: Cultivate (Hub LATAM) and Stand Out to foster the growth of GEIQ high potential female talent to generate a pipeline of strong leaders (technical and management) with the objective of improving female diversity in the leadership team.

What I do at GE

As a customer application and requisition engineering (ITR) manager, I’m responsible for providing overall leadership and technical direction for application engineering across new units and services, including services requisition engineering for all GE Gas Power technologies: heavy duty aero, generator, steam, controls and HRSG. Application and requisition engineers work closely with customers to deliver differentiated technical solutions for GE technologies.

A bit about my office

I work at GE Infrastructure Queretaro (GEIQ) in Mexico. Working here is fabulous in many ways: first it means flexibility for me. As mom, wife and engineer my schedule tends to be quite difficult, but GEIQ gives me the possibility of balancing all my roles.

GEIQ is a global center that was founded in 1999. It’s one of the most important research and technological development centers in the country, and is dedicated to the design of aircrafts turbines, power generation and renewable technology. It’s also the second largest Power Global Center outside the US. Today GEIQ has more than 1400 engineers focused on projects for GE globally.  GEIQ received the National Technology Award in 2003.

What I also enjoy about working at GEIQ is the location. Queretaro is a beautiful colonial city that offers many opportunities to create experiences with family and friends.

The best part of my job is…

What I enjoy most is the possibility of facing challenges. Every day is different and brings new challenges and the possibility of new experiences that enrich my life.

What I also love about my job is the customer interaction. Even after 13 years I still feel the same emotion and adrenaline that comes with being ready to answer all the questions and complaints I receive. Coaching and mentoring young engineers is also a journey that I enjoy, and the best part of that role for me is witnessing a mentee accepting challenges and evolving in the organization because of our work together. To me, that is the greatest satisfaction.

The most important part of my career was...

I’ve had many favorite moments, but one that stands out was the opportunity to collaborate with other female engineers and human resources to pioneer the Cultivate Program, designed to foster the development of high-potential women in engineering in the organization through guided experiences.

I was in the first graduating class of Cultivate (2016-2017), and the program gave me extraordinary mentors, great soft skill trainings, and a huge network that still provides me with support today.