Enhanced power and extended service with 7E gas turbines

The challenge

Air Liquide’s renewed long-term contract with the 88-acre Bayport Industrial District complex had Air Liquide looking for a high-efficiency future for its production of myriad gases.

The solution

GE responded by modernizing four 7E gas turbines for Air Liquide’s Bayport cogeneration facility in La Porte, TX—for lower waste heat, increased uptime, and more unit life.


Modernizing Air Liquide’s Bayport site for high efficiency

300 MW 

of electricity produced 


tons of steam produced hourly  


proven 7E gas turbines 


The redevelopment of our Bayport facility, which is Air Liquide’s largest industrial complex in North America, has positioned us to better serve the growing needs of our customers in this region in a safe, reliable, and efficient way.

Sue Ellerbusch

CEO of Air Liquide USA

Air Liquide’s gas-production facility in La Porte, Texas blends gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and specialty mixtures. Air Liquide customers operate in a range of segments—like scientific research and analysis, and industrial process control and manufacturing. 

The facility is one of two within the Bayport Industrial District. This 88-acre complex is central to Air Liquide’s extensive Gulf Coast Pipeline System. A renewed long-term contract with the Bayport Industrial District had Air Liquide looking for an ultra-high-efficiency future.

Soon, GE modernized four 7E gas turbines at Air Liquide’s La Porte cogeneration power plant. The unit’s capabilities can increase production capacity and extended facility life. The Bayport Air Liquide facility now produces 300 MW of electricity and more than 1,300 tons of steam an hour with minimal waste heat. 

The redevelopment project positions Air Liquide to better serve the growing needs of its global and local customers, providing additional steam capacity for future sale in the region. 

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