Today, Algoma Steel is on a transformation journey, investing in more energy-conservative processes and modernizing how it makes steel, all for a sustainable future.

The challenge

Algoma Steel Inc. needed upgrades for its combined- cycle power plant, specifically to integrate an electric arc furnace into its steel production for better sustainability.

The solution

To supply Algoma Steel with sufficient internal generation to power the electric arc furnace, GE will provide two LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines, multiple control systems, and a full rewind of their No. 2 generator.


The projected impact of Algoma Steel’s electric arc furnace

2.8 million

tons of steel produced every year

110 MW

from 35 MW, with two LM6000s


Our transformation to EAF steelmaking and green steel products includes the upgrade of our internal generation capacity, and we’re pleased to partner with industry leader GE for this important milestone. The project also reflects Algoma’s continued commitment to our community by engaging local contractors to support the installation.

Michael McQuade

Chief Executive Officer, Algoma

Based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, Algoma is a major supplier of steel products for Canada and the American Midwest. It produces hot and cold rolled steel, sheet and plate, and raw steel at nearly 2.8 million tons per year—from the ladle right to the automotive, construction, energy, defense, and manufacturing sectors. 

Algoma Steel’s phase-one transition to electric arc furnace steelmaking at its power plant in Ontario represents a transformation into a more energy-effective supplier. In order to grow the plant’s internal generation, GE will provide two LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines, complete with new control systems and new controls for Algoma’s existing GE steam turbine. GE will also complete a full rewind on the plant’s No. 2 generator.

At full capacity, the refurbished cogeneration facility is designed to generate 110 MW of electricity, a jump from its current capacity of 34 MW. Algoma Steel expects the project to finish in spring of 2023, a full year before the scheduled commissioning of its new EAFs, and they’ll be using local contractors from Sault Ste. Marie for the installation.

GE continues to innovate for steel manufacturers and suppliers like Algoma, with more efficient gas technologies that add flexible, lower-carbon power to the industry and the world.

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