Creating Australia's first power plant to burn a hydrogen and natural gas blend

The challenge

EnergyAustralia’s project goal is to accelerate the energy transition in Australia, first with a gas turbine operating on natural gas (which has a lower carbon emission intensity than coal) and then over time by blending in hydrogen to further reduce CO2 emissions.

The solution

EnergyAustralia is integrating one of GE’s advanced 9F.05 gas turbines to power the Tallawarra B Power Station—operable with a blend of natural gas and hydrogen for peak-use applications, giving consistent dispatchable power.


Is hydrogen the future? Take a quick look.

5% up to 100%

GE’s gas turbine portfolio capabilities to burn hydrogen (by volume)

AU$300 million

expected contribution of plant project to Australia’s economy

AU$83 million

contributed to the use of hydrogen by Australian Government


Our new open-cycle, hydrogen-and-gas-capable turbine will provide firm capacity on a continuous basis and will pave the way for additional cleaner energy sources to enter the system. We are leading the sector by building the first net zero emissions hydrogen and gas capable power plant in New South Wales.

Catherine Tanna

Managing Director of EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia and GE are successfully innovating the country’s very first power plant that can operate on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen. GE’s highly versatile 9F.05 turbine is the right fit for this project, as it’s hydrogen-capable and able to operate on a variety of fuels like natural gas and diesel— but also configurable for LPG, ethanol, bio-diesel, and more.

The 316-MW Tallawarra B Power Station will be the first large-scale gas-powered plant built in NSW in more than twelve years and is set to operate as an ultra-flexible "peaker” plant, rapidly firing up to stabilize the grid during demand peaks. This approach will help the people of NSW access affordable, reliable, sustainable power.

Recently, the New South Wales (NSW) State Government and Australian Federal Government contributed AU$83 million to initiatives using hydrogen. With Tallawarra B running partial loads of hydrogen, a new bar is set for how gas turbine technology can be consistent with NSW’s plan to be net zero by 2050.

From generation to system control, GE is supporting the station with fuel-flexible alternatives. GE Gas Power’s years of experience operating on hydrogen (and similar low heating value fuels) is adding momentum to Australia’s energy transition. Tallawarra B Power Station hydrogen project will be operating in time for the summer of 2023 – 2024.


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Tallawarra B is Australia's first dual-fuel gas & green hydrogen capable power plant.

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