GE is currently constructing the full turnkey power plant for Chiahui which will be powered by GE’s record-setting 7HA.02 gas turbine.

The qualifications

Based on the needs of promoting a healthy and safe workplace, Taiwan OSHA’s tasks include planning and executing occupational safety and health, occupational accidents labor protection, labor inspection and supervision that aims to ensure safe and healthy workforce to enhance national competitiveness.

The award

The award followed two days of onsite best practice sharing, in an event organized by Taiwan’s OSHA and hosted by GE, with multiple sessions attended by more than 130 visitors and OSHA representatives.


Helping to power Taiwan safely

550 MW

additional output to Taiwan


countries around the world using HA technology


HA operating hours

10 minute

7HA ramp up to full load


We selected Chiahui Power Plant as a model site for Southern Taiwan for the demonstrated excellence in training management, the permit to work management system and safe lifting operations, which we recommend as a best practice in construction.

Mr. Hsu

Southern Taiwan OSHA Director


GE’s focus on safety at the site includes initiatives such as the “Stop Work Authority,” which gives power to employees to stop production if they identify a work hazard. In addition, rigorous quarterly audits and a permit-to-work process, activities such as daily site work coordination, toolbox talks, walkdowns, inspections and reward programs are implemented on a regular basis to aim to ensure safety remains top of mind.

The full balance of plant will comprise one generating block, equipped with one of GE’s 7HA.02 gas turbines powering an H65 generator, a STF-A650 steam turbine powering an H33 generator, and a heat recovery steam generator.

The expanded plant, which is planned to begin operation in 2021, will add an additional capacity of 550 MW. In Taiwan, GE continues to play a critical role in supporting the advancement of the country’s energy goals, working alongside customers such as Chiahui Corporation. GE is strongly positioned to help the country support its mission to increase natural gas to 50% of the energy mix. The project serves as a significant achievement in supporting the government’s goals to phase out nuclear power, and increase capacity by 30 GW by 2025.

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