Helping reduce the Pulau Indah power plant’s greenhouse emissions for a greener future

The challenge

Given the challenge of growing economies to reduce emissions, integrating lower-carbon technology is critical. To reduce greenhouse gases under the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) Plan, Malaysia seeks to achieve a 45% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030. The Pulau Indah Power Plant in Selangor was ready for such greener solutions.

The solution

GE’s 9HA gas turbine was engineered to be extremely efficient and flexible to help lower emissions. GE was chosen to provide 600 MW worth of 9HA.01 gas turbine power, an STF-D650 steam turbine, a W88 generator, and a heat-recovery generator to the Palua Indah Combed Cycle Power Plant.


A more sustainable choice

600 MW x 2

through GE 9HA.01 gas turbines

21 years

of service agreements

improved efficiency under ISO conditions


Malaysia has seen massive economic development and urbanization accompanied by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. It was crucial for us to select a highly efficient technology, like GE’s 9HA.01, to help reduce the amount of fuel used to generate electricity.

Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria

Executive Director of Pulau Indah Power Plant (PIPP)

GE will provide two blocks of 600 megawatts, each including a GE 9HA.01 gas turbine, an STF-D650 steam turbine, a W88 generator, and a Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generator (OT HRSG). Plant performance will be monitored through GE’s Mark* VIe Distributed Control System, showing operators how their plant is operating in real time.

GE secured an order from the procurement and construction consortium of Posco Engineering & Construction, Mitsubishi Corporation, and PEC Powercon to provide power generation for the 1,200-MW Pulau Indah Power Plant.

For its full spectrum of advisory and maintenance services, GE signed a 21-year agreement with PIPP for the Pulau Indah Power Plant. PIPP is a Special Purpose Vehicle led by two prominent shareholders namely Worldwide Holdings Berhad and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).

Combined-cycle efficiency of the new equipment can reach more than 63% based on ISO conditions, delivering significant reduction in gas consumption and reducing emissions. This includes high ramp rates and fast start-up times to meet fluctuating demand, and the capability to burn up to 50% by volume of hydrogen when blended with natural gas.

With GE’s flagship 50 Hz gas turbines, the natural-gas-fired Pulau Indah Power Plant is targeted to achieve commercial operations in 2024.

*Trademark of General Electric Company

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