Powered by GE’s F-class technology, the new Meghnaghat 718 MW power plant will set global benchmarks in terms of fuel efficiency and operational reliability.

The challenge

As Bangladesh continues to grow, so do its energy needs. In the last decade, the country’s electrical capacity has grown from 5 GW to 21 GW, but keeping up with demand remains a priority.

The solution

In July 2020, GE announced that it will be providing its Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology for the upcoming Reliance Bangladesh LNG & Power Ltd.’s combined-cycle power plant in Meghnaghat, Bangladesh. The plant will be powered by two GE 9F gas turbines, one GE D11 steam turbine and three H53 generators, and uses LNG to generate the equivalent electricity needed to supply more than 850,000 homes in Bangladesh.


Delivering growth

3 GW

of electricity in Bangladesh powered by GE gas turbine


Bangladesh needs massive push to develop a robust power infrastructure that can sustain long-term power supply to meet the needs of the progressing economy, which is currently among the top 5 fastest growing economies. The project will give tremendous boost to the economic and industrial growth of Bangladesh and help to enhance the energy supply with clean and reliable LNG-based power. The strength of GE’s advanced technology combined with the global expertise from Samsung C&T will help us power growth and prosperity in the country for years to come.

Ranjan Lohar

CEO, Reliance Bangladesh LNG & Power Ltd.

GE’s presence in Bangladesh goes beyond simply upgrading the Meghnaghat power plant. Today, the company has an installed base of 38 gas turbines generating approximately 3 GW of electricity in Bangladesh. Additionally, a robust portfolio of GE Gas Power gas turbine technologies including H-class, E-class, F-class, Frame 6, and aeroderivatives are installed across operational and upcoming power plants in the country, helping to keep Bangladesh up and running.

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