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Your HMIs are critical to your organization; they support essential plant operations around the clock and throughout the year, so keeping them operational and secure is top priority. However, only individuals with expertise in both plant operations and cybersecurity can effectively manage these efforts. This unique combination of expertise can be in short supply internally, and it can be difficult to find within the broader service provider marketplace.

GE Vernova offers a range of services to help support your HMI implementations and investments. Our team of experts can deliver services on a one-time or recurring basis, and we can customize our offerings to meet your organization’s specific objectives and OT environments. 

Hardware maintenance services

Routine maintenance on your HMI hardware is a wise investment. It can help prevent issues and extend the usability of your systems. However, with lean internal teams, it can be difficult to find staff that have the time and expertise needed to perform this maintenance, and to ensure they carry out this work on an ongoing, consistent basis.

On a one-time or recurring basis, we can provide the comprehensive maintenance your HMIs need.

As part of our services, we handle a range of efforts:

  • Thorough cleaning of a system’s internal components to remove any contaminants.
  • Complete system diagnostics and remediation of any issues detected.
  • Disk defragmentation to improve system performance.
  • Inspection of system components, including cooling fans, power supplies, keyboards, air filters, and more.
  • Replacement of any faulty components, as needed.

Onsite patch deployment services

Cyberattacks are a constant threat for today’s power generators, so it’s critical to address any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This includes installing security patches. For many power generators, it is a struggle for staff to keep pace with day-to-day demands, leaving precious little time to handle these critical, yet time-consuming patching efforts, meaning the backlog of open vulnerabilities continues to grow.

GE Vernova team can deliver complete, end-to-end patching services:

  • Prior to making any changes, we will reboot the HMI and verify the system functions correctly after reboot. If so, we will then back up the HMI.
  • Before installation begins, we’ll create patch collections, verify signatures of all patches, and validate the integrity of the patch collection.
  • Next, we will install security patches.
  • After changes are made, we’ll work with site engineers to test the patched systems and validate they are functioning properly.
  • If the HMI is not functioning correctly, we can revert to the original backup. If the system is functioning properly, we will make a new backup of the updated system.

At the conclusion of the installation, we will provide your staff with documentation that specifies which changes were made to the HMI, and we can provide any necessary training to help staff continue to safely operate systems after the engagement.

Hardening services

For any number of reasons, HMIs may be unnecessarily exposed to unauthorized access. Misconfigurations, unapproved credentials and access methods, and even the age of a system can play a role in an HMI being vulnerable. However, within many organizations, it is challenging to address these vulnerabilities. Constantly juggling competing priorities and demands, internal staff struggle to find the time needed to do proactive diagnosis and remediation. As a result, vulnerabilities are often left unaddressed.

GE Vernova’s experts can do a comprehensive examination of your HMIs and carry out a thorough hardening to strengthen system security. Our system hardening approaches are based on the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and GE Vernova standards. Our team can provide comprehensive hardening services and approaches, offering coverage of the following areas:

  • Applications
  • Media ports
  • Settings
  • Passwords and access controls
  • Antivirus

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