How you can benefit

Even with reliability near 99%, our focus remains on improvement. GE Gas Power’s enhanced reliability package for 6B gas turbines includes three key enhancements, which help ensure trip risk is greatly reduced, reliability of steam supply is stable and overall operability is improved. 


How GE gets you there

The 6B enhanced reliability upgrade package is comprised of a flame detection system less susceptible to causing false trips, an improved compartment ventilation sensor, and trip avoidance software logic to reduce instrumentation-based failures. 

Dry flame scanner

The enhanced flame scanner is a reliable and robust replacement for the legacy water-cooled flame scanner. The upgraded solution can improve product reliability by up to 50% by averting casing damage from cooling water from the GT compartment. The enhanced flame detector also helps improve response time and robustness to environmental conditions.

Compartment ventilation reliability

Compartment ventilation reliability (TIL-2220) means improved airflow sensors and a gas fuel module inlet are more responsive to environmental factors. Differential pressure transmitters are less sensitive to the environment, which can improve reliability through robustness to moisture, contaminants, oily deposits, and wind.

Improved trip avoidance software

GE Gas Power has evolved software logic based on newly developed processor and instrumentation signals. With its alternative protective actions, this more sophisticated logic uses intelligent signal selection and system-level data validation. The upgrade can support reliability by avoiding unnecessary trips and shutdowns, for example, by determining that a particular data point is not relevant to the protection of the unit.

Saves time and money

The reliability upgrade can avoid $10-50K in direct costs per failure, not including lost revenue. As well, fewer trips will stabilize steam supply, reduce valve failure downtime, and ultimately reduce O&M cost.

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Make your 6B even more reliable with GE’s enhanced upgrade.