Increase the capability and efficiency of your 7E unit

As your 7E gas turbine gets older and maintenance budgets get smaller, the daily challenges of operating a power plant can increase significantly. Let GE help balance performance versus maintenance as your business case changes—with customizable water injection, software adds, firing temperatures, and more.


What can upgrading capacity do for you?

It's hard to know how to better position your units to meet evolving demands. Our 7E upgrades can be completed quickly—some even done in a weekend outage. Through GE's range of 7E gas turbine upgrades, not only can we help you increase your capacity and energy revenue, we can help you get the most from your existing equipment.

You're in good hands with the deep expertise of GE’s service professionals. We have a range of cost-effective upgrades that increase the life of your assets. Best of all, you can see payback within 18 – 24 months.

Our low-cost upgrades add value to your bottom line. See how much you can save with our 7E Enhanced Base Calculator:    

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