The gas turbine compressor that can help you do more

Increase performance, flexibility, and maintainability with the new advanced compressor, which offers four stages of variable stators, field-removable blades, and increased performance through improved flow capability.


What can a turbine compressor do for you?

  • Improve output by up to 16% above an Advanced Gas Path (AGP)-equipped unit, and efficiency up to 3% when matched with an AGP tech HGP and DLN2.6+ combustor
  • Achieve ~210 MW at ISO conditions and improve hot day and high altitude performance
  • Up to 3%  heat rate reduction
  • Improve maintainability and reduce outage time with field-replaceable blades that can be stocked and replaced on-site
  • Helps shape an asset management strategy for aging assets, or if you’re considering a compressor upgrade from unflared to flared
  • Allows installation of GE’s wet compression system to increase hot ambient GT capacity by an additional 12-20 MW*

*GT output increase depends on type of inlet conditioning system installed

Technical data

How we get you there

up to 16%


up to -3%

heat rate (- = better)

32K FH/1250 starts


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