What can upgrading do for you?

GE Gas Power’s liquid fuel (LF) system reliability upgrade helps resolve the common pain points many 7F gas turbine operators face. The LF system improvements help to address issues such as failed starts, capacity shortfall and cost of weekly maintenance.

The upgrade offers improvement options for simple cycle and peaking units, as well as combined-cycle plants. Validated outcomes, which vary by plant type and individual operational conditions, can include:

  • Reduced liquid fuel pooling and collection
  • Reduced likelihood of coking, which means fewer failed starts and transfers
  • Simplified annual maintenance transfers
  • Markedly improved reliability
  • Automated leak tests (automated system only)
  • High load transfer (automated system only)
  • No turbine compartment entry required (automated system only)

How we get you there

The liquid fuel system upgrade introduces significant improvements to the 7F units, which can yield greater reliability, efficiency, and safety. Several key component enhancement options are possible.

Liquid Fuel Check Valve Relocation

With the solution for simple cycle or peaking units with low operational hours, check valves are relocated to a lower temperature area in the GT compartment. A manual drain system reduces pooling and coking.

Manual Liquid Fuel Water Flush

Using a solution for simple cycle or peaking units that shutdown regularly, manual water flush system upgrade builds on the liquid fuel valve relocation and introduces manual water flush inlet tubing and valves. To help ensure safety, control changes are required. This option can reduce recommended maintenance transfers from 52 to 2 per year.

Automated Liquid Fuel Water Flush

The solution for combined cycle plants that opt not to shutdown for liquid fuel flushing is automated liquid fuel water flush. This system upgrade automatically flushes liquid from fuel lines online with the intention to reduce coking, which is a top cause of failed starts and transfers.

The automated system modifies or introduces major components and places them strategically to improve system pressure to flush after every LF to gas transfer. This occurs with high load transfer capability up to baseload, which streamlines LF operation and maintenance.  The automated water flush system also reduces maintenance transfers from 52 to 2 per year. Successful installation and validation testing of the automated liquid fuel system reliability upgrade was conducted in 2020.

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Boost liquid fuel system reliability for 7F gas turbines