Time to upgrade your anemometer

If you have a gas turbine fleet equipped with an airflow sensor/anemometer in your gas turbine compartment or fuel gas module ventilation system, you might be experiencing faulty airflow readings. It’s time to replace your existing sensor with a new and improved differential pressure transmitter (DPT) that will enhance your instrument and operational reliability.


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We have worked with our customers to develop a new solution for measuring airflow without the risks of exposure to damaging elements. A DPT upgrade from GE will help improve your gas turbine fleet’s operational reliability. And with our global expertise in DPT upgrades, spare parts are easy to obtain if needed.

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In an airflow sensor upgrade, your existing equipment will be replaced with our DPT, which is installed across the compartment ventilation fans. This upgrade substantially reduces the risk of incorrect low-flow readings and increases the reliability of your units.

In addition to the DPT, your upgrade will include new control logic to avoid unit trips from false readings. An optional but recommended feature to consider as part of your upgrade is a door limit switch to provide protection when the gas fuel module or turbine compartment door is opened while in operation.

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