Benefits of Fast Start

What can upgrading to FS10 or FS15 do for your gas turbine?

FS10 and FS15 Fast Start upgrades provide flexible operation and faster control. Fast Start’s software and hardware upgrades allow GE’s GT8, GT11N, N2 and GT13D gas turbine to reach full load with a choice of two schedule configurations:

  • FS10—10-minute upgrade to turbine startup time
  • FS15—15-minute upgrade to turbine startup time

Reducing load times for the GT fleet

The following modular elements will be combined in response to your existing project’s configuration.


  • Fast Start Preparation Sequencer (FSPS)
  • GT start sequencer update
  • Purge credit
  • Static Frequency Converter (SFC) uprate (starting device)
  • Quick loading (Fast Gradient)
  • Start-up controller update (reserve measure)

FS10 (additional to FS15):

  • Static Frequency Converter (SFC) uprate (starting device) 

After consolidating all possible elements to decrease start time, Fast Start in 15 minutes (FS15) is possible without the investment of a stronger SFC, whereas Fast Start within 10 minutes (FS10) is possible with a stronger SFC.

Other features:

  • Ability to provide maximum power within shortest time in order to capture peak price opportunities
  • Ability to operate the Gas Turbine in emission compliance, in less than 15 or 10 minutes from start signal
  • Increased start-up reliability
  • Opportunities for additional revenues 

How FS10 and FS15 work


The Fast Start upgrade makes connected systems more visible and efficient

The GT control system and sequencer will be equipped with a Fast Start Preparation Sequencer program to improve the start readiness of the turbine. It checks valve positions—and starts the fuel forwarding systems, turbine lubrication, ventilation systems, stack damper, and more.


Modernizing for HRSG purge credit

Combined control software and valve hardware systems must be modernized for the HRSG purge to activate during shutdown, followed by isolation of the fuel manifold. Depending on your fuel system, the purge credit is maintained and monitored by “proof of closure method” or “pressurized pipe section method.”

Run up

Introducing a new SFC for speed (FS10) and a start-up controller update (reserve measure for FS10/FS15)

Different settings of the start-up controller have a significant influence on start-up time. In order to decrease the acceleration of the gas turbine between 0% and 70% speed, a stronger SFC is introduced, leading to a significantly faster start time. Introduction of a new stronger SFC is only required for reaching startup time of up to 10 minutes or below.

Quick loading

Introducing a higher loading gradient to decrease loading time from minimum load to base load during quick loading

For FS10 and FS15 the quick loading gradients are the same. The load gradient depends on the requirement to reach a certain load related to the time constrains. The normal loading gradient is the standard gradient for the gas turbine operation.

The quick loading gradient can be up to 4 times higher than the normal gradient. The quick loading function has to be manually selected on the HMI. There is an impact on lifetime consumption during quick loading due to the higher firing temperatures.

Maximum installed gradient GT8B GT8C GT8C2 GT9 GT11N GT11N2 GT13D
Loading (MW/min) 4.3 5.0 6.5 2.3 4.5 (SB)
4.0 (EV)
4.5 (SB)
4.0 (EV)
Fast Gradients (MW/min) 13 15 24 4.7 20 (SB)
15 (EV)
25 (SB)
15 (EV)

Fast Gradients Factor (in addition to normal start)

4 4 4 tbd 2 2.5 2
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