What can upgrading your GT13E2 MXL2 compressor do for you?

You’ll be able to capitalize on additional demand beyond current output, and get more from your machine at a competitive low cost. Thanks to an innovative airfoil configuration on the first two stages of the MXL2 compressor blades, mass flow is increased, resulting in additional, straightforward power.

How we get you there

Though it’s a new product, the GT13E2 MXL2 Upflow Compressor upgrade is born from deep field experience and existing compressor ratings. Applied to compressors at their end of life, your gas turbine will see a 5-MW increase in output from:

  • Improved staggering: An advanced set-up of the first two stages of the MXL2 compressor blades
  • Controlled-diffusion airfoil
  • Open Variable Inlet Guide Vain (VIGV) concept
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