The perks of OEM experience

Improved value and a focus on what matters

We can help you improve reliability, fuel flexibility, and load turndown—while reducing OpEx and outage time for your GT13E2 gas turbine. Composed of 50+ smaller upgrades, our packages are the result of decades of innovation and lessons learned with customers like you.


What can upgrading your GT13E2 gas turbine do for you?

To simplify the approach to these upgrades we’ve packaged multiple, related solutions in seven categories. Since “one size fits all” fixes rarely exist, every single solution is available as stand-alone, to ease integration with your own running configuration. Whether it’s about outdated parts needing replacement, start-up snags, or service opportunities, you’ll get visibility on what your gas turbine needs.


Fleet data that keeps you running

Since not every owner of a GT13E2 gas turbine faces identical challenges, we monitor and study our fleets, turning unique customer concerns into actionable information. Our collected analytics have made the most commonly encountered challenges visible. With that, the potential of your GT13E2 turbine is even greater.

With its reliability exceeding 98.9%**, robust engineering, proven agility, and leading intervals in the E-Class space, your GT13E2 is ready for enhancement through 50+ custom solutions to choose from.

Our packages

Fifty small operational upgrades in seven packages

Operational reliability

Our GT13E2 operational reliability packages improve daily reliability, enhance dynamic response to grid disturbances, and can prevent FOD/DOD forced outages.

Consists of:

  • Dynamic response improvement DRI
  • Advanced pulsation control logic APCL
  • Transient operation improvement
  • Advanced AC160 controller upgrade from PM645 to PM665
  • Upgrade to VM6000 pulsation and vibration monitoring system
  • Protection update for the automatic drain system
  • GT thermal block protection update

Operational flexibility

Introduces fast-start capability, “Maximum Continuous Load” mode, and enhanced frequency response mode

Consists of:

  • Fast start
  • Increased reserve power for frequency response
  • Maximum continuous load MCL
  • Fast turbine exhaust gas temperature probes

Consistent start-ups

Reduces your number of failed starts

Consists of:

  • Improvement of start-up reliability
  • GT black start
  • Rotor-barring system improvement package


Relaxes your service intervals, enabling faster and less expensive maintenance

Consists of:

  • Insulation protection sheets
  • Structural parts maintainability
  • Cross-flange rework for leakage mitigation
  • Exhaust spring support
  • TAT probes improvement

Auxiliary improvements to BOV system

Improves the reliability of the blow-off-valves, higher start-up reliability, less PLS and trips events and ODC count

Consists of:

  • Redundant limit switches concept
  • Permanent energizing of BOV solenoids
  • Improved BOV control logic for synchronization and transients

Bearing improvements

Makes pedestal adjustment easier, relays pressure readings to HMI, reduces chances of fire in the bearing tunnel, and improves white metal temperature and load distribution

Consists of:

  • Modification of bearing pedestal fixation
  • Reduced risk of oil-leakage fire hazard
  • Improved hydrodynamics and lifetime with new shell feed
  • Redundant oil vapor management
  • Replacement of selected jacking oil pipes
  • Pressure measurements on HMI

Lube oil reliability

Improves availability and reliability during operation and restart phases, reducing the duration of maintenance

Consists of:

  • Lube-oil improvements
  • Redundant pump for closed cooling water system
  • Oil vapor separator improvements
  • Power-oil reliability
  • Third jacking oil pump

*Foreign Object Damages/Domestic Object Damages
**Average reliability over three years on population of units with accessible data

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