What can upgrading do for you?

Our high output robust compressor (HORC) upgrade is the evolution of GE Gas Power’s robust compressor solution, which has been performing across 15% of the 7EA fleet without a single event being experienced. Upgrading to HORC can help deliver up to 1.4 MW simple cycle output and up to 1.0% exhaust energy. With the HORC upgrade, operators can see up to $287,900 USD in additional annual revenue from power generation (based on fleet-wide average values in a simple cycle analysis).

Further, upgrading 7EA turbines to HORC can help the fleet prevent the events typically observed through wear and tear during operation, as well as corrosion of hardware elements. This can not only lengthen repair cycles but reduce O&M costs.

How we get you there

The 7EA high output robust compressor elevates the solid foundation of its predecessor, the robust compressor solution. The HORC upgrade helps address specific event occurrences, such as S1/R1 clashing, S1 root cracking and liberations driven by startup response, along with S1 tip liberations driven by full speed response.

GE Gas Power responded to these operational events with re-engineered configuration of R1/S1-S4, including:

  • Re-configured R1/S1/S2 for +1.5% more airflow through compressor
  • Modified S1 & S3 to complement prior stainless steel ring improvements
  • S1-S4 stainless rings:  Leverages current robust compressor specifications

For customers who have experienced clashing in the past or are concerned about clashing in the future, GE recommends upgrading to the HORC to help address those concerns.

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