What can upgrading do for you?

Reduced start up times help meet peak turbine demands. With Fast Start for the LM6000, NOx water injection is enabled at synchronous idle speed—full SPRINT® power requires an additional 30 to 45 seconds. Fast Start schedules are offered for three configurations:

  • 10-minute start—no life impact
  • 8-minute start—no life impact
  • 5-minute start—possible life impact depending on a turbine assessment of installed parts

How we get you there

  • LM6000 PC, PD, PF, PG, and PH units have the unique ability to reach full power (simple cycle) from a cold start within 10 minutes.
  • The current start sequence is modified to reduce overall start-up time, depending on the turbine type.
  • Changes to the sequencing software, along with possible HMI and core software changes.
  • Modification of the fuel system to comply with current NFPA codes and GE Position Paper PP07.
  • Purge time may change based on exhaust configuration (HRSG SCR, COR, etc.).
  • The fuel shutoff may need to be upgraded to comply with the latest NFPA 85 requirements.
  • A leak check system must be added to help ensure no fuel has entered turbine gas path while shutdown—this allows the controls to start engine without first purging the turbine gas path.

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