Breathe new life into your turbine

Benefits of a flange-to-flange upgrade

The flange-to-flange upgrade is a full replacement of your aeroderivative gas turbine engine, giving you our successful engineering innovations. The process is faster than installing a new unit, converts SAC to DLE technology, helps you reach NOx levels as low as 15 ppm, eliminates water consumption for NOx control and improves heat rate levels. You’ll achieve significant performance improvements in output and fuel efficiency—restarting the clock on asset life.


Renew your LM6000's serviceable life

If your LM6000 has lost its competitive edge over time, flange-to-flange upgrades will renew its serviceable life. Help meet industry needs—like segment and regulatory pressures—and keep your gas turbine tuned to new opportunities.

Address multiple improvements in one simple upgrade:

  • 40 – 60 MW at 42% efficiency
  • Fast start < 5 minutes (GT only—0 minutes w/EGT)
  • Flexible CC: 140 MW at +55% efficiency
  • Boosted output and reduced fuel costs right away
  • Lowered emissions to comply with regulations
  • Extended maintenance intervals with newer, more durable components
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