What can upgrading do for you?

Conduct your periodic overspeed test much faster—when it’s most convenient for you. Our approach results in less machine and operator stress, and fewer safety concerns.

Running GE’s overspeed test upgrade for heavy-duty gas and steam turbines without mechanical bolts helps protect personnel and plant assets—all with proof-of-safety metrics. More operational efficiency comes from:

  • Avoiding high rotor stress
  • No planned outage needed to install
  • Verifiable insurance-related asset data
  • Skipping intentional trips for overspeed testing
  • No need for lengthy thermal soak holds before testing

How we get you there

The automated fired shutdown overspeed trip test upgrade replaces the traditional 110% manual overspeed test with an automated test conducted at part speed during shutdown to prove protection-system operation.

Test time is shorter as well as your install. A GE-qualified controls engineer will modernize and test the software on site, only taking a day, with no dedicated shutdown or scheduled outage required. After that, you’ll be meeting your annual overspeed test requirements quicker, more safely, and with a lesser maintenance impact.


No more intentionally pushing the unit

The automated fired shutdown trip test is initiated from GE’s Mark VI or Mark VIe control system. At reduced speed, your gas and steam turbine overspeed protection systems get fully exercised to provide complete diagnostics, validation, and peace of mind.

This is GE’s proven approach to test overspeed trip functionality while protecting your turbines and the rest of your facility. Inasmuch, these upgraded tests are compliant with current safety codes and insurance industry standards. 

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