Prevent wasted hours with a rotor-in major inspection

Our major inspection with rotor in-situ can prevent some 30–40% of outage labor hours spent removing components to access the gas turbine.  No inspection processes are eliminated. The rotor can be rotated 360° while lower-half stator vanes can be cleaned and inspected.

Heightened quality

  • Increased availability of the unit, decreased schedule
  • Reduce risks linked to heavy lifts over plant components
  • No extra scaffolding needed for rotor removal
  • Cost of crane, platform, and trucks (if customer supplied)
  • Less heavy equipment on-site
  • Less interfaces with other contractors
  • Less lay-down area required to store parts
  • No 480 V hookups required for rotor stands
Rotor-in major inspection timeline

Stages of rotor-in major inspection

12 to 18 months before outage

Unit is eligible: Introduction of rotor-in major inspection to CPM and service manager—internal review of conditions of applicability

6 to 12 months before outage

Presentation of rotor-in major inspection to customer: Planning pre-outage inspections

3 to 6 months before outage

Internal reviews: CPM, PAC, service manager, and lead FE of borescope inspection, IGV inspection, and historical data

2 to 3 months before outage

Final decision: Customer agreement for rotor-in major inspection settled

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