Lowered gas turbine engine downtime

Compressor blade and vane fouling is generally due to harsh environmental conditions and inadequate gas turbine air filtration. Our super-polished high-pressure compressor blades let operators extend their offline water-wash intervals and lower engine downtime—resulting in far less fouling to key gas turbine compressor components.


Preserved compressor blade performance

This product introduces new Stage 2 – 14 high-pressure compressor (HPC) blades, Stage 1 – 13 HPC vanes, an outlet guide vane (OGV), and an inlet guide vane (IGV) to improve HPC performance and extend water wash intervals.

Additionally, the Stage 6 – 14 blades have a re-configured tip to help reduce the severity of identified problems if tip rub between the blades and compressor case occurs.

High-resistance mirror finish

All high-pressure compressor blades and vanes are replaced with ones polished to a mirror-like finish. The durable finish resists dirt and debris accumulation, extending gas turbine compressor performance between water wash intervals.


  • Extending gas turbine compressor water-wash intervals
  • Lower performance degradation between water washes
  • Improvements in power output and heat rate
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