Get to know the Jebel Ali service center

Key capabilities:

  • 6B & 9E HGP and combustion repairs
  • GT9 / GT11 / GT11NM / GT13 / GT13DM, B Fleet gas turbine
  • Own and cross-fleet (oOEM) generator rotor (field) repairs and rewinds
  • Exciter (TKJ) field/armature repairs and rewinds
  • Generator rotors high speed balancing


  • Gas turbine components
  • Generators

Special repairs / processes:

  • HVOF/APS Coating (MCrAlY / TBC)
  • High temperature vacuum diffusion brazing
  • Controlled shot peening
  • Electrical testing of generator rotors at rated speed
  • Dynamic hot polymerization of rotor winding
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