Get to know the Karlovac service center

Key capabilities:

  • Mechanical machining (heavy, medium, light, CNC)
  • Blade production
  • Blade assembly (rotor and stator)
  • Parts for turbo machinery
  • Balancing of rotors and discs
  • Disassembly and assembly works
  • Repair and new HGP
  • Welding structures
  • Testing of mechanical-hydraulically control equipment
  • Blasting and heat treatment
  • Engineering and reverse engineering


  • Gas turbine components
    • Compressor blade manufacturing
    • Casings, structures, and exhausts (repair and new)
  • Steam turbine components
    • Blade and vane manufacturing
    • Structures/casings (repair and new)
  • Hot Gas Path parts (repair and new)

Special repairs / processes:

  • Steam turbine and gas turbine compressor blades and vanes manufacturing
  • Exhaust gas diffusors and exhaust gas housing manufacturing
  • Repair and new hot gas production
  • Heavy machining of gas turbine and steam turbine components

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