Get to know the Morelia service center

Key capabilities:

  • Generator Field (Rotor) Rewind 
  • Generator Stator rewind and restacking
  • Steam Turbine refurbishment
  • Rotor Machining
  • Casing Machining
  • ST Diaphragm repair
  • ST Rotor and Casing Re-blading
  • High Speed Balancing with Thermal capability
  • ST valve repairs



  • Gas turbine S3N
  • Generators
  • Steam turbine Components


Special repairs/processes:

  • High Speed Balance
  • ST Rotor Straightening
  • ST Rotor Reblading
  • ST Diaphragms Refurbishment
  • Field (Rotor) Full Rewind with Electrical Test
  • Stator Full Rewind / Electrical Test
  • GT 7F S3N Repair (Certified)
  • Rotor Journals—Welding Repair (In Process)
  • HSB Thermal test capability


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