This Supplier Document Library provides simplified access to information and tools through which suppliers can interact with GE Power sourcing, finance, engineering, supplier chain and logistics functional teams. Using the links found on the left-hand side, suppliers can:

  • View applicable Terms of Purchase and supporting specifications.
  • Access applications and tools including, tools for creating/reviewing invoices, reviewing/accepting purchase orders and Supplier Collaboration.
  • New Supplier Orientation to welcome and get new GE Power suppliers started.
  • View applicable quality, regulatory and logistics requirements, checklists and forms.

Need Help?

The eSourcing Helpdesk is happy to help. You can email us at
[email protected], or if you'd like to make a call, we're available 7AM to 8PM EST/EDT Monday through Friday.

Toll-free (North America only):
(866) 770-5248
Direct: (678) 844-1600

Other GE Suppliers

Although GE has a worldwide network of suppliers, our goal is to keep them connected to us, and to each other.